Online Shopping Improvements

Retailing has never been so exciting and easy ever before. Today the excitement both for the retailers as well as for shoppers is in online shopping. The technology enabled platform gives a challenge for marketing companies to innovate and reach out to the customers and provide them the same or better shopping experience as well as engage in customer relationship management.

This calls for constant up gradation of technology as well as new ways of online merchandising and commercial policies to facilitate online buying.

The online shopping has been quickly adapted by the traditional stores too who do not want to lose out to competition. Biggies like Tiffany’s Bailey, Banks and Biddle etc have both internet based online shopping option as well as discount and in store options for their customers.

Online shopping seems to have been a hit with people and especially women. Certain popular segments like fashion clothing, fashion accessories etc have been on the rise and sales is increasing through online shopping mode. Compared to men’s stores, women’s stores and items seem to be selling more. Marketing companies who are tune in to this trend are making use of this and positioning products accordingly.

With the improvement in mutli media technology, websites are no longer static pages but have grown to be interactive mediums that engage the customer and give him real time shopping experience. The technology makes it easier for shoppers to be able to view the variety of products, get product information, compare prices and get all data required to make a decision at the finger tips without having to move out of the ones chair.

The online shopping need not make you think that you are dealing with machines and there is no real interaction. Behind the website are the customer relationship management teams and the sales teams ready to help you get through with your transactions and queries, giving you the individual attention.

You need not keep looking and searching for information. The friendly customer service is now able to help you and guide you through your needs and work with you to make your purchase. They will do all the work and give you the results you are looking for and you end up feeling that it was worth spending the money and buying online.

It is because the online shopping companies offer cash back guarantees and no questions asked return policies that people prefer to keep shopping with the same companies and become loyal customers.

As opposed to traditional shopping, online shopping can be quite a comforter for you with multiple benefits of huge discounts, return policies, saving of time and effort. Now you know where to look for next time you want to buy something.

Wedding and Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

It has long been tradition for the sparkling-eyed boyfriend to “surprise” his girlfriend with a wedding proposal and an engagement ring. The whole scenario is indeed romantic and is what dreams and movies are made of, but if you’re a girl that is serious about your fashion, you may prefer to be involved in picking your engagement and wedding rings to suit your taste. Why leave such a crucial part of your style for a guy to do alone? Think about it, you will be wearing these rings for a lifetime! With this in mind, you may want to “window shop” together online once the relationship gets serious in order to let him know exactly what you like.

The ever classic solitaires are the most popular style of engagement rings, but for many couples today, they are a bit too common. The engagement ring symbolizes the special love you share with each other so you may want to throw tradition out the window a get a ring that is unique such as a vintage design, an uncommon diamond cut, a sapphire or emerald setting, or maybe even a colored diamond (with yellow diamonds being the most common while blue and pink are rare and fetch a much higher price). Once engaged, couples will then be looking for wedding bands. To begin the quest for the perfect wedding rings, consider all the options in various stones, gemstone cuts, ring designs and layouts, different precious metals, and, most importantly, the kind of statement you want to make to the world.

More than likely, when you think about an engagement ring, you imagine a huge, sparkling, round solitaire. These traditional prong-setting rings have been around since the 1800’s and are always the bestsellers at virtually every jewelry store across the country. These rings are used for all the classic stone shapes such as round cut, princess cut, emeralds, heart-shaped, and pear-shaped. Most women start the process of wedding ring shopping with the desire for something different but usually end up with a traditional solitaire in a prong setting with a gold band. Even if you decide to settle for the traditional style, you can add some variation with side stones. Typically these are diamonds, but you can also get colored gems like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. As the name states, side stones lay to either side of the main, center stone and are usually much smaller and come in assorted shapes, like half-moons, slim baguettes, shields, and trapezoids.

For another variation, large center stones can also be accentuated by just slightly smaller stones of the same shape on either side. These rings are known as three-stone rings. Traditionally, these were given on anniversaries but are now very much in style as engagement rings among traditional brides.

Even conventional jewelers continue to update their selections with fresh shapes of gemstone cuts based on the classic styles. Tiffany’s, one of our most traditional jewelers, recently introduced the Lucida cut, a square-shaped stone set available in a wide gold or platinum band. Another example is the Asscher family who has introduced a new twist on its’ signature style, an octagonal step-cut from 1902. This new version is called the Royal Asscher and is more sparkling than the old one.

An heirloom ring from the bride or groom’s family could be a treasure to share for a lifetime. What if you don’t have a heirloom ring in your family? Vintage rings such as Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, or Deco can now be easily found online at such places as this site. You can also find exquisite reproductions of these styles here. Many women who want their engagement and wedding rings to look more like unique pieces of jewelry are snatching up these rings. Older cuts that were precursors of the modern brilliants and emerald cuts have a subtler shine than the newer ones, and offer a delicate, romantic look. These cuts include the old mine-cuts, rose-cuts, cushion-cuts, and the original Asschers.

Dead set against getting a traditional ring? Don’t fret! There are many modern designs that double as engagement rings for couples with moderate or exotic aesthetics. One very popular contemporary design is a bezel-set ring where a diamond is surrounded by metal rather than being elevated up in a prong setting. Another popular design is the two-tone platinum and yellow gold rings with a sprinkle of diamonds.

The traditional wedding band is usually either a plain platinum or gold ring or one with intricate diamond accents that matches the engagement ring without detracting from it. This tradition is now changing as women are wearing everything from the plainest of bands to luxuriant diamond and gemstone studded rings that are equivalent or even larger than their engagement rings. Many women wear their engagement rings only on special occasions and have a diamond set band for everyday wear. Others get very thin wedding bands and wear them stacked. If a religious affiliation dictates a solid metal ring, many women will often buy one band for the ceremony itself, and get another fancier one to wear thereafter.

10 Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Have you ever bought a product or service from the internet?

Yes? Me too. You’re not alone…

Some of the reasons why most people are shopping online are: they can buy anything at anytime because Internet shopping is available 24 hours, all the time.

You can shop from the convenience of your home. You can avoid traffic and crowding at the malls.

Online shopping is one of the best ways to locate hard-to-find items not available in your local stores.

Whatever you buy can be delivered by mail to your house.

Most online stores and companies provide excellent values and discount prices because they do not have to pay the overhead of owning a physical business that will cost them insurance, employee pay, taxes and more.

VeriSign, Inc. says that online sales recorded during the prime holidays shopping season was about $2.2 billion dollars.

According to a study by Forrester Research Company, by 2010, online sales will reach $331 billion dollars.

More consumers are shopping online today than a year ago. The range of products they buy are many: software, hardware, electronics, digital products, music, toys, e-books, books, programs, DVD, flowers, pets, jewelry, clothes, air tickets, insurance, cars, prescription drugs, comic books, games, gifts and more.

They are flocking to buy from online bookstores, software stores, online computer stores, target stores, pet stores, liquor stores, drug stores, music stores, furniture stores, fabric stores, the Disney store, outlet stores, surplus stores, discount stores, thrift stores, gift stores, candy stores, lingerie stores, sports stores, video stores, sex stores, department stores, game stores, clothing stores and others.

Be a smart and savvy online shopper. Shop wisely and safely.

Here are a few tips to help you do your online shopping safely.

(1) Shop at the websites of companies that you know and are popular offline.

If you’re not sure of the company, request their catalog or brochure first.

Be sure they have a physical address and phone, as well as an e-mail address. Call them and speak to a human being first.

Check with the yellow pages and the Better Business Bureaus to be sure the company is legitimate.

Read all the fine print and the refund policy before you place an order.

(2) Keep a record of all your purchases.

Most people are by nature disorganized and unable to keep records. Learn to keep records of all your online purchases. This will help you keep track of your spending and shopping.

Print all receipts or save them on your computer in a folder named “receipts”.

This will help you locate orders that you placed but were never delivered.

The more organized you are the less negative online shopping experience you’ll have.

(3) Keep all your important personal information safe.

Don’t give them to strangers who may call you over the phone or request them by e-mail.

Personal information includes: your address, e-mail address, phone number, social security number, drivers license, age, information about your family.

Don’t give them to any stranger and, also, teach your children not to do so.

(4) Keep your passwords private.

When creating a password, avoid using phone numbers, birth dates or social security numbers.

Be creative. Use a password that is not easy for others to guess, and yet not easy for you to forget.

Change your passwords often. Use phrases to help you remember them.

Don’t disclose passwords to anyone.

(5) Use a credit (but never debit) card to make your payment.

Be sure to keep all credit card payment receipts. Check your credit card account statements to be able to spot any unauthorized charges.

When you buy certain goods and services from some companies, sometimes they will keep billing you thereafter. So scrutinize your statements. If you see a charge you’re not sure of, call the billing merchant and check it out.

Keep your credit cards secure.

Avoid making a payment using your credit card on a public computer.

Report any lost credit cards immediately and have them cancelled. Don’t give anyone that you don’t know your credit card number.

(6) Read the return policy before placing an order.

Be sure that you read and understand the return policy and warranty.

(7) Read and understand the company’s privacy statement (or policy).

A privacy statement tells you how and why a business is collecting your information, and how that information may be used.
You may find the company’s privacy statement (or policy) at the very bottom of the home page or inside their “Terms & Conditions” or “Terms of Service” (TOS).

(8) Use a secure browser and server.

Be sure whatever browser you’re using complies with the industry’s security standards, such as secure sockets layer (SSL).

This security protocol scrambles or encrypts the personal information you send over the Internet to ensure your transaction is secured.

How do you know if the server is secure where you’re making a payment?

If a Web site is using secure technology, its Web address begins with https and a tiny locked padlock appears at the bottom right corner of the screen.

(9) Check out a few stores and compare prices before buying.
Look for hidden costs such as shipping and handling.

(10) Use Yahoo Search Engine for all your searches.

Yahoo continues to be, not only the largest online company, but also, the best Search Engine.

Unlike the other popular Search engine, which keeps companies in a sandbox for many months and refuses to give them rankings for many months, Yahoo is pro business and gives immediate rankings to companies and business.

Their search result is also excellent. That may be one reason why 60% of people online (including me) love Yahoo.

Also, they have the most reliable and the best hosting service in the world.

For these reasons, I strongly recommend you use Yahoo to do all your searches.

Happy and safe online shopping.

3 Benefits of Online Gift Shopping

When it comes time to send a gift to someone special or to mark a special occasion that you can’t be present for, it is much easier and faster to send something for delivery through the Internet. Your other options include driving from one store to another in search of reasonably priced gifts or just giving whatever you happen to find quickly at the first store.

That isn’t going to send the right impression to your recipient. There are three main benefits to shopping online for gifts that will really stand out and show you care:

Benefit #1: You can find unusual gifts that aren’t sold in local stores.

Many online gift and flower delivery stores offer products that you won’t find in your local gift or department stores. You can find unusual items that your recipients will really appreciate because they haven’t seen them anywhere else before.

You can also find varieties and colors of usual products which aren’t easy to find through local stores.
If you send flowers through online delivery services you will have a much larger selection of flowers as well as many other gifts that can be sent along with your flowers. You won’t be limited to the narrow selection and varieties offered by your local florist.

Benefit #2: You can shop many different stores without filling your tank with gas and driving around town all day.

This is the biggest advantage to shopping for gifts online. You often don’t know exactly what you want to send and you want to make sure that you get the best item at the best price. Before online shopping became so accessible this meant filling up the gas tank and driving from one store to other only to end up back at the first store to make a purchase.

The alternative to that was purchasing whatever you found at the first store and later discovering that there were better options or you paid way too much.

You don’t have to go through any of that anymore since online gift shopping has become a major industry. You can now click through a variety of stores to compare prices and get ideas for different gift options and the only thing that has to travel is your mouse and your fingers.

Considering the price of gas these days, it is a lot more affordable to shop online for gifts even if you do have to pay a small shipping or delivery fee.

Benefit #3: You can have gifts sent directly to your recipient if they don’t live near you.

If you want to send flowers to someone who lives away from you, online delivery services are the only way to go. You can now find a variety of gifts options from flowers to balloons and baked goods which can be delivered to any location you select. This allows you to show that you wish you could be there for the most special days of someone else’s life.

You may not be able to be there in person, but you can have something delivered at the perfect time to show that you are there in spirit. Think of sending a large flower bouquet and a few balloons for someone’s birthday party or a special bouquet on your mother’s birthday.

The Future of Online Shopping

Online sales will continue to rise. Every webpage designed to sell a product or market a service should understand the future of online shopping.

There are several major variables that make online sales attractive to the worldwide market. These variables include:
1) Value of Products/Services offered
2) Dependability and Reputation of the Seller
3) Ease and Security of payment
4) Ease and Security of shipping.

Younger and wealthier shoppers are driving a wave of online sales. Many of these people – having some web familiarity and disposable income – have learned to shop online for price comparisons and other comparative data. If shoppers find a superior situation, especially regarding the above 4 crucial variables they will usually become online buyers.

Online buyers establish shopping habits. They abandon bricks and mortar stores and malls as value, dependability, security and convenience of online buying improves.

Although the online buyer cannot return an item as quickly in some situations as the buyer who can walk in and out of a Wal-Mart or Sears when the parking lot isn’t crowded or there is no line at the returns
desk, there are many other reasons to buy online.

Sellers of low-mass products – small books, DVDs, lightweight clothing have a marked edge in sales because shipping is relatively low in cost. The seller of these items doesn’t need to pay the overhead of a store, staff, parking lot, utilities, etc. They pay only storage and shipping which is becoming increasingly automated.

Although people are rightfully afraid of bankcard fraud, I believe all card services will continue to improve security and improve buyer dispute processes.

Fraudulent emails sent to credit card holders (and all business accounts for that matter) will continue to be a big problem. As both merchants and shoppers become aware of these fraudulent practices it will be more difficult to exploit people with business accounts at PayPal or Amazon.

There is a probability, partly because of the price of fuel, that delivery services will consolidate to some extent in the future so that you will receive one or two regular deliveries per day of all goods you have purchased – including groceries – along with mail and newspaper, etc.

Each person may also have a receiving station service in the future whereby the shopper picks up everything from one large, secured lockbox. If a delivery is very large or has accumulated over days, a key would be left with directions to a nearby, larger overflow box. Security, insurance, and energy costs would all be cut by these changes.

Grocers have experimented with many forms of advertising, delivery, billing and credit. All of these ideas are improved with online transactions. Shopping from several grocery chains will be easier when you get free delivery and easy to find price comparisons. You will even be able to subscribe to discount announcements of various products.

Online education – especially college level offerings – has been slow to respond to the potential sale of services by internet. Online degrees will become more common, less expensive, and more legitimized with standardized and secured testing procedures of students. The knowledge areas in the cognitive domain can be done completely by internet. Educational offerings in the behavioral and affective domains will be greatly augmented by online offerings and testing as well.

Larger purchases will also be more prevalent on the internet, especially for mass produced items like automobiles. You can test-drive several models locally, then cruise websites regionally for price, color, accessories, delivery costs, taxes or other charges. This is already being done, but with advances in registration and licensing as well as online financing and insurance – you may spend 25 minutes on a website and be legally driving your new car in the time it takes to meet the delivery-person curbside.

Internet download of tickets and coupons is becoming widespread, and this will continue. Insurance policies and other documents can be downloaded as well.

Internet social life is here – even simplifying the dating and matching processes. This computerized internet socializing saves time and money. While it may lack some of the intangibles, it also allows a more fully objectified set of tangibles, as well as leaving time for the intangibles that happen after screening.

The internet will also become easier to use: fewer viruses, popups, host and server problems. This adds up to faster, easier, safer and less expensive shopping.

How to Manage a Shopping Centre Successfully

Managing a shopping centre is a specialised process that needs a good property manager who understands the property type and what is required to optimised property performance for the tenants and the landlord.

Retail property is special when it comes to function and performance. It takes ongoing constant work to nurture a retail property to success. You cannot put tenants in the property and then let things just happen. A successful retail property is all about strategy and implementation.

Rents and leases are only a small part of the shopping centre management process. Consider this list.

    1. Rent optimisation for the landlord given the business plan for the property.
    2. Realistic occupancy costs that do not put the tenant out of business.
    3. Placement of the property in the local community and how it will serve the community.
    4. Lease incentives to keep current tenants.
    5. Tenant mix to help the property be successful.
    6. Lease incentives to attract new tenants.
    7. Tenant communication to keep occupancy up and conflict to a minimum.
    8. Landlord reporting processes that keep the property information flowing and assist the decision process.
    9. Rent review processes that stabilise growth of rent without creating a vacancy blowout.
    10. Outgoings management to minimise expenditure whilst running the property to acceptable levels of operational performance.
    11. Maintenance management to keep the property performing financially and physically.
    12. Budgeting of the shopping centre income and expenditure so the targets for the property are reached.
    13. Marketing the property to the community and the potential customer to optimise the trade and turnover for tenants.
    14. Lease negotiations for vacant space

The list is not complete but shows you the most important elements of control in shopping centre management. A property manager should seek to keep these items under control at all times.

The tenant mix in a retail property is the main strategy that will help it be successful. When you choose the right tenants for the property and help them to trade through directed marketing of the property, you are heading down the right path to progress.

The tenant mix is a product of choice; a choice of what the property is to the community and how you will make it happen. The retail property may be any of the following:

1.Local Strip Shopping of a small group of single shops.

2.Convenience Shopping with one anchor tenant.

3.Neighbourhood Centre with one or more anchor tenants.

4.District Centre with two or more anchor tenants and many small specialty retailers.

5.Regional Centre with three or more anchor tenants and a large number of small and medium size specialty retailers

When you know the customer base you serve, and you know why they will visit the property, then you will know the tenants that are required in the tenant mix to make the property successful. Your tenant mix and strategy can be built around these elements. From that point onwards it is a matter of attracting the customer to visit the property and spend money. That is where Shopping Centre marketing takes over.

Shopping Mall Leasing Strategies for Real Estate Brokers

The leasing of a shopping mall is a specific strategy relative to the location, the property type, the customer demographic, and the landlord. All factors come together to contribute towards a successful leasing outcome and tenancy mix.

It should be said that a successful leasing strategy will contribute towards the greater the benefit of the property. More customers will be encouraged to visit the property and purchase goods or services. On that basis retail leasing is quite special.

Here are some tips to help you with leasing a retail mall in today’s property market:

    1. Understand the vacancy factors that apply to the precinct or location. An excessive number of vacant tenancies will have an impact on market rentals and incentives. Check out the factors of supply and demand that apply within the region. Look for any new property developments that could have an impact on tenant movement and market rentals.
    1. Understand the types of incentives that can be offered by the landlord to attract tenants. Also understand the requirements of tenants when it comes to incentives in today’s market. Any vacancy that you have available for lease needs to be matched to the prevailing market conditions. That will include the rental types, and the incentives offered. The landlord needs to adjust to the prevailing market conditions. Get some details of comparable rentals and other properties nearby to help the landlord understand the packaging of their vacant tenancy.
    1. It should be said that a lease incentive cost should be recovered through the rental structure over the lease term. In other words, any money that is lost or offset in the incentive availability should be recovered by rental growth and escalation across the lease term. You can do this calculation through an assumption of market rentals and a discount cash flow calculation. The net present value of the deal can be compared across the duration of the lease.
    1. Successful leasing executives usually have a substantial database of retail tenants to contact. Any new leasing opportunity can be offered through the database to targeted tenants, anchor tenants, retail specialists, franchise groups, and other industry professionals. Any vacancy can be directly marketed to these groups through cold calling, direct contact, e-mail marketing, and direct mail.
    1. It is acceptable and normal to market a vacant tenancy through the generic media. That will involve newspaper advertising, and Internet listing. There are costs associated with that marketing activity and the landlord should contribute towards those costs.
  1. Most successful leasing transactions occur through the involvement of the leasing executive and direct marketing to the right people. I go back to the point that the database for each broker or agent is quite important to converting more commissions and listings.

It should be noted that any quality property in a good location will create good inbound enquiries. If you are selective with your property appointments and vacant tenancies, you will create more churn and activity in property leasing.

Traditional Vs Online Shopping

Shopping is shopping, right? Well, not necessarily. At one time, the only way to shop was to leave your home and visit a store. Nowadays, the Internet has revolutionized the way in which we spend money. But how does it add up compared to traditional shopping?

Well, we need to weigh them both to see how they compare to one another.

Traditional shopping

In traditional shopping, you simply take a ride in your car to your favorite shopping center or store and you buy what you want or need. You can pay with cash or credit card. In some instances you can pay with a check. You do get the opportunity to see the product before you purchase it and you can keep an eye on your credit card if you decide to pay with that method.

All of this seems rather great, doesn’t it? However, there are always cons to the pros when it comes to anything and everything.

The cons that you may run into when it comes to traditional shopping is that the store you are shopping at may not accept your payment method. There is also the fact that they may not have what you want. You may even find that the item they have is more expensive than what you want to pay. You may know that another store carries it, but they are out of it because they sell it at a cheaper price.

Yes, there are instances in which you must shop the traditional way. For example, you may need an item right now, which is true of grocery shopping. When you need milk or you need formula for the baby, you have to be able to go to the store and get those things immediately.

Online shopping

When it comes to online shopping, you don’t have to leave your home at all. You simply sit down at your computer, browse around the various online stores, and find what it is you need. However, there is usually only one way to pay. You can only pay via credit card. There are some websites that allow you to use your PayPal account or they will permit you to send them a check before they send you the item. The check method doesn’t work so well when you need the item right now.

As for the cons, you are not able to keep an eye on your credit card number like you can with an in-person transaction. You can, however, ensure that you are doing business with a secure site by looking in the address bar and seeing if there is an https:// present. You can also read website reviews to make sure a site is secure. You also do not get the opportunity to see the item right in front of you before you buy.

However, the advantages continue because, if you can’t find an item at one store, you can always find it at another. There really isn’t much that you can’t find on the Internet. You may not want to grocery shop online, but gifts, clothes, and many other items can be purchased and shipped right to your door. If you don’t like them when you get them, you can always ensure you’re doing business with a company with a good return policy.

So which seems better to you? Do you prefer the traditional way or the online way? It is a personal preference when it comes down to it. Really, all you need to do is shop the way you feel comfortable, but know that you are going to find some great deals online that you may not be able to offline.

Start A Shopping Online Business Selling Your Unique Products

Have you considered starting a shopping online business selling your products while working at home? Do you have a unique product or skill set? Do you feel there would be a huge demand from online shoppers for your product or service? This is a great time and opportunity to venture into making money online while at home. You will find many businesses on the internet selling their products and services, and quite a few are home-based. Why not start your own home-based business and reap the rewards financially and proudly with your talents.

Work at home advantage

To be able to work at home is a dream that many individuals truly desire. Yet, there are those that are living this dream and living it well. They set their own pace, schedules, and allow themselves free time (rewarding themselves for accomplishments such as a vacation, go to a movie, etc…). Bonding is also a plus because of the amount of quality time an individual is able to spend with family members. Add making money by selling your products or services online into the mix, you then have yourself the complete package.

Believe in your product

The single most important thing that you will need to look at in starting your business, is believing in your product and that you will be successful. Once you have reached that level of confidence, run a test with family and friends before your initial investment of time, money, and energy. Share with them your creation and be open to positive and negative responses. If the responses are unfavorable, ask questions as to what were the reasons. The answers may provide good insight in further development of the product.

You are not alone

Though you will be starting a home-based business, you do not have to feel you are doing this alone. There are many avenues to journey in search of those that are willing to give you support. The support may come from family, friends, internet, local county office, and so on. The information is available to assist you in getting a DBA, business license, help with advertising, marketing, and web service. If the task becomes overwhelming, take the option of outsourcing by hiring individuals or businesses specializing in the areas that need attention. Some services offered may be free of charge whereas others will set their fees. Explore what will work for you without draining your savings.

Manifest your dream of a successful online business

If you were giving a lot of thought about owning a successful online business throughout the course of the day, then the next logical step would be putting that thought into action. Why let your dream fade away, act on it. Once you set the wheels in motion, your dream is on the way to become reality. Trust that you are making the right decision and live each moment setting yourself up for success.

Online Shopping Tips and Suggestions

Online shopping means purchasing goods or services over the internet. It might also be termed as internet shopping. There are a number of ways one could shop online and there are a few steps and requirements that need to be fulfilled before one could shop online. The vast majority of businesses require the use of credit or debit cards for purchases over the internet, so the first thing you need to do is get yourself a credit or a debit card if you do not already have one.

Next you need to find the product you are after, its retailer, its price, its delivery charges and delivery timescale. There are a number of ways you can find products or services over the internet. You may either use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. They normally have a search box on their homepages where you can key in the product name. One of the mistakes people do while searching for products through search boxes is that they put in the whole question instead of the product name.

For example someone looking for a dog harness mistakenly uses the phrase “where can i buy a dog harness” in the search box rather then simply the keywords “dog harness” as it should be. Search boxes are not humans who we can ask questions, there are certain ways of using them and one of them has just been mentioned. Or you may use shopping websites, directories and so on that offer price comparison facilities.

Once you have keyed in the product name, the search engine or price comparison website would return a number of matches with their relevant retailer name. You may then visit the retailer website by following the link provided by the search engine or price comparison website and look for shipping information, product availability, delivery timescale and other information that should help you complete your purchase.

Depending on how the website is configured, the majority would ask that you create an account with them before checking out, it is best that you setup an account as it would help you track your delivery and also assist with any returns issues. The rest is self explanatory. If you are new to online shopping, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the process by following the steps given above or even seek help from a friend who has bought stuff over the internet previously. However keep you credit card details confidential.